Empire Harry 1945

N50 14.980 W3 51.700

The Empire Harry tug was one of three sisters and was 135 foot long. Her 1100 horse power engine was enough to tow large ships around when they were in trouble. There were a shortage of tugs around during the second world was as they were kept busy moving “mulberry harbours” and rescuing ships that had been torpedoed or bombed.  On June 6th 1945 she was towing two US army barges from Falmouth to Antwerp when she encountered a force 8 gale and thick fog crossing Bigbury bay. Despite her powerful engines she was driven ashore off beacon point where her 19 crew were rescued by the Salcombe lifeboat.

Photos show the barrel of a gun removed from the wreckage as well as Beacon point where she lays.

Today at low tide her boiler can be seen from the shore off Beacon Point.