Acorn 1898

The picture above is of the Norwegian owned “Eva SV” which was built by the Tay Shipping Company , Dundee. They also built the Acorn  to similar size and design. This gives you some idea of what the Acorn would have looked like.
The Acorn was a wooden 3 mast barque built in 1855 and was 119 ft long with a female figurehead. Her official number was No. 25975 and she was designed for a crew of 8. She was used as an Ice transport ship operating between Norway and Grimsby.
At the time of sinking she was owned by H A Roed, Sandefjord in Norway  but she was originally owned by Peter Anderson, Mathew Low, John Morrison, Alexander Morrison, and James Baird. In 1871 ownership is shown as  James Baird, Anthony Anderson, and William Moodie. Her  registry transferred to Grimsby 1873.

She was  transporting the ice between Norway and the Grimsby Ice Company where it was used for the fishing industry.
She grounded in Lynn Roads, while en route from Drammen for Grimsby with ice in 1898 in a force 8 NNE gale and was sold for scrap for £105.

Somehow she ended up on the beach on the Lincolnshire coast at Mablethorpe and remained undiscovered under the sand on and off for years. In 2014, 13 year old Jordan Havell noticed the wreckage and decided to take it on as a project..

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